Tilley Peacock Workshops

Here at Tilley Peacock we bring unique, educational and fun workshops to you, your school, your youth group, wherever you are!


Our innovative, practical approach is perfect for groups of any size. We offer different workshop packages based on your schools needs and requirements - our tutors are all professionally trained actors with a passion for working with young children and are extremely flexible to tailor to each child's individual needs. 


Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a brand new exciting story? In our story telling workshops our tutors challenge children's to think creatively and discuss what makes a good story. With a mix of academic and practical study this workshop is perfect to work alongside the schools curriculum in an engaging and unique way for children.

Our workshops leaders will encourage all children to get involved using a mix of fun drama games, imagination exercises and story boards to work towards the group developing their own unique story, discussing the importance of the characters and structure to a story. 

Within this group session there will be opportunity for 1-1 feedback, and small group work to allow each participant to get a unique and tailored experience with our workshop leaders.

Throughout the entirety of the workshop students will be encouraged to use a range of  different methods to tell a story, including mime, dance, song, narration and improvisation.

Each session ends with a final presentation where small groups are encouraged to share their work with the rest of the class where each group will receive positive feedback from the workshop leaders and fellow class members!

Our Story Telling workshops last 90 mins for groups up to 25, and 60 mins for groups of 15 and under, with flexible, reasonable pricing.

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Modern Ballet Dancers


Want to sing, dance and act? Then our Musical Theatre Workshops are perfect for you!

Throughout this 120 minute workshop led by professionally trained actors you will learn and work on musical material and work towards a small sharing at the end of the session.


 The session will be split into 3 sections:

1. Singing:

In the singing section - students will be talked through rhythms, timing, different genres of music and the different ways we can use our voices to make sound. The students will then be taught a short song to share.

2. Acting:

In our acting sessions we encourage imagination and improvisation skills giving each child the opportunity to grow and flourish in a safe environment. In a zero pressure environment, we talk through different presentational skills encouraging the child's confidence.

3. Dance:

In our dance classes we explore different movements and the ways we can explore music with our bodies. The session will end by learning a small dance routine which can be shown in the end of session sharing.