We are an Innovative Theatre Company working to produce original children's productions and workshops for children with Special Educational Needs and Disability. Our company actively encourages actors of all backgrounds to join our team, sharing the same passion for diversity and inclusion within the arts. 

As well as offering our fun, interactive and educational shows, at Tilley Peacock, we offer performance based workshops for children of all ages from 4 - 16. Workshops are tailored to the age and size of the group whereby, we encourage confidence and communication through the medium of arts and music. 


Our shows feature an array of catchy tunes, loveable puppets and interactive storylines for the whole family to enjoy. Prior to a Tilley Peacock Production, the audience will receive a pre-performance pack. This pack includes an introduction to our cast and their puppets, with pictures of our set and characters so everyone knows exactly what to expect. Our pack also contains a brief synopsis of the show to get everyone excited before our visit. PLUS, you will also receive a sound tack to the featured songs, so you can continue to play your favourite tunes on repeat even after the production! 


As part of the Tilley Peacock experience, we aim to create as comfortable a space as possible. Therefore, we always ensure there are quiet rooms available nearby to allow our audience members freely leave/ re-enter if, at any point, they do become overwhelmed. 


Prior to the performance, we love our audience to interact with our actors and ask questions as we set up. There is also the opportunity for a guided walk around of the performance space for the children, and families, to feel and interact with their favourite puppet characters before and after the show. 

We are constantly researching and developing our practice and approach to ensure we deliver the highest standards of specialised theatre.  Our ethos is to allow families to feel at ease at our performances leaving with a smile on their face. 


From  September 2019 - June 2020 our Artistic Director, Hayley Huggett completed an extensive research project  titled "How can musicals accommodate and allow Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) to access and enjoy theatre?" with the aim to discover new techniques that allow children, and their families, to feel at ease at the theatre. 

This project resulted in the new musical 'Dotty's Dilemma'. A multi-sensory, interactive, silly, fun show written by Hayley Huggett and composed by James Dodd. The story follows Dotty, a Dalmatian Dog, who feels isolated because she does not have any spots. She then travels the seven continents of the world in an attempt to find them. 

In July 2020, this project was awarded one of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance's Innovation Awards to help finance a tour of this production to Children's Hospices and Schools. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the production, this has been postponed until further notice for the safety of our actors and our audiences. 


However, the team have been working hard behind the scenes to create some light in these challenging times. We are currently developing an online animated series of the story of 'The Adventures of Dotty the Dalmatian' to be sent out to children's hospices very soon!